Asthma is a growing condition affecting 1 in 12 adults. How can we improve their standard of living?

Asthmatics find many problems with the current generation of asthma inhalers. They are oddly shaped meaning they are uncomfortable to have in a pocket; have a bland medical look that doesn’t promotes confidence in owning; have medicine canisters that are quick to run out without warning and filled with medicines which have many side effects.

Ogi is the new generation of asthma inhaler which solves all these problems. Designed to be pocket friendly, which doesn't draw attention as a medical device but something you can be proud of! No medicine canister, requires charging (in the same format as other daily tools) and has fewer side effects than current medicine.

omen lens1.png

Omen Lens

The Omen lens was designed when working on a client project for Bow&Arrow.

The brief was “Open Banking” to help a challenger bank drive their growth for the next 5 - 10 years.

The Omen Lens aims to be the next generation of payment method. Based on the philosophy that we are living in a world where we are constantly looking at screens and being watched by cameras. The Omen Lens is a contact lens which you can use to pay for items. For example, if you went to one of the many self checkout units, by simply clicking ‘pay now’ the camera in the screen would scan your contact lens and you would have paid in a blink of an eye!