Ryan Saunders

3D Visualiser


Gift Republic

Design Brief for 'Gift Republic'. I worked on the design of a product, brand name and its packaging before creating a realistic visualisation.

Software used: C4D, Photoshop


I worked on visualising a new whisky bottle concept for the world-renowned whisky company Ballantine, which would be used for an upcoming customer event.

Software used: C4D, Corona & Photoshop

Midday Studio

I worked on visualising packaging for a kids product called Bundlz which had recently been rebranded by Midday. This product went on to win a "Gold FAB" in 2020.

Software used: C4D & Corona

Wonder London

I worked on a fast-paced project visualising for a global phone network internal conference. I personally worked on the room, the lighting and producing the final renders. The space was set up in a way that everyone would feel like they each have an equal voice. This pitch resulted in us winning the client.

Software used: C4D & Corona

 Gen 1 - 3 Ateliers

Gen 1 - 3 Ateliers is currently opening up music studios in Hackney's Netil house. I worked on visualising one of their studios so they would be able to see what the room would look like when finished.

Software used: C4D, Corona & Photoshop

Xhaxho Design & Build

I worked with a startup on the visualisation for a ground floor and 2nd-floor apartment located in the Fulham area. Software used: Foyr

NextIn Ltd

A visualisation project for a homeowner located in the Bellingham area. I designed and visualised a new interior for the homeowner's master and guest bedroom.

Software used: Foyr

Blue Borough Bakes

I worked with a startup on their brand image throughout last year, on various occasions I worked on assets from their logo, gift cards, Christmas cards, to Instagram posts.

UAL:CSM Final Project

Visualisations I did for my final project in university designing a new type of asthma pump that harnesses oxygen in the air.

Software used: C4D, Rhino & Photoshop