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Music Video Live


 Music Video Performance

Tarrytown Music Hall


Create a beautiful acoustic performance music video in the Tarrytown Music Hall. The idea is to have a handheld but beautiful performance piece of an artist playing on stage to an empty audience. The song should be something powerful and meaningful. 

The Music video will start off with the artist on the stage silhouetted from behind as the song begins. The camera will slowly be moving the whole performance as it wraps around to see the artist playing guitar and signing into a microphone. 

The theatre will be dark with a single light on the performer and lights draped in the backgrounds and on the sides to break up the darkness of the music hall (See visual reference). 



Single performer in the center of the stage with a dark background all around. Lights out of focus around the theatre to give interest and make the dark scene not seem that dark at all. 

Notice the use of draped lights the form out of focuses balls and the light tubes on the walls that help break up the darkness and cause cool reflections. 

Notice the handhold feel during the performance parts and the use of tube lights on the subject. 


Lighting: A single bright spotlight on the artist with light tubes as used in images (2 + 3) placed strategically around the theatre and cheap lights draped in the background and on the side walls as shown in image (4). The performance will take place on top of the stage in front of a microphone as referenced in image (1).