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Mercy College Sports Commercial


Sports Branded Content

First and foremost, branded content is about storytelling. People love stories, especially good ones. Good branded content appeals to an audience by being able to put themselves in the shoes of the subject. For this piece, our goal is to put the audience in the shoes of a hard-working soccer player for Mercy College. This student-athlete has had to work harder then most people and from his determination he has found success, nothing comes easy to people who will be successful.

Branded content is a way to tell a real story featuring the athlete from Mercy College and showing the ups and downs that helped them arrive where they are today as an NCAA athlete.

In todays world driven by social media people are constantly sharing stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the stories they are sharing are the real ones. People want to see authenticity and vulnerability to be able to connect with the piece.

Our goal with working with Mercy College is to create a 2-4 minute blend between raw documentary authenticity in combination with the beauty and visual appeal of a commercial. 

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Video References:

Example of a piece of branded content created for Jesse Rinka Photography in Tarrytown, NY. 



Budget Document: 

This is a rough budget for the branded content, however, willing to work within the budget provided by Mercy College.

Final Mercy Budget Photo.png


Production schedule:

2 production days, 1 extra day for weather issues

  June 08: Start Date    June 20: Commercial Delivered

June 08: Start Date

June 20: Commercial Delivered